GST Automation

The impact of GST on businesses is crucial and consequential.

Businesses from now on will have to ensure

Automation integration through suitable software /solution implementation and be compliance ready and conduct worthy.

Businesses must and should automate their manual systems, and install automation based application that is robust enough to interact with the GSTN system, and assist in immediate, accurate, and reliable compliance.

In view of the clear timelines formulated in implementing GST, compliance will no longer be a month-end or quarter-end activity. Invoice matching and other compliance related activities cannot be achieved using a manual or a low-tech system. Speed and accuracy are the yardsticks that. govern the process. Frequent interaction with the GSTN system necessitates a GSTN-enabled business application that enables a hassle free and efficient compliance system.

GSTMATE is a comprehensive GST India compliance automation system for chartered accountants, tax consultants, enterprises and others concerned. Trigital’s cloud-based software application has been modelled on the professional domain expertise of veteran CAs, advocates, and company secretaries. Simple to deploy, GSTMATE analyses and infers from the applicable sales data and prepares GST reports for every state, where you collected tax. GSTMATE highly saves on time and effort helping you to prioritise other aspects of your business that lead to better revenue generation business growth.

Trigital is an experienced Application Service Provider (ASP), partnered with multiple licensed GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs), aiming to provide advanced cloud based technology solutions for GST compliance as per the GSTN guidelines

  • Helping your business to migrate from the existing taxation system to new.
  • Simplistic installation approach - GSTMate.
  • SAAS based solution to eliminate the barriers of infrastructural hardware planning.
  • No worry of data privacy and security, your business data is highly secured as per GSTN standards. Only your authorized person can access the data via secured authentication process (OTP based).
  • Automated return and reconciliation(GSTR1 to GSTR12)
  • Report dashboard and single view of liability and credits.
  • Central repository of tax calculation and easy integration with sales system helping no change in your current sales system now and future because of change in the tax rules.
  • Review and approval work flow process before final return
  • History, archival, warehousing of all your financial data.
  • Highly available system with zero downtime.
  • Notification for all critical business or system events.
  • Offline invoice loading options
  • Documenting the AS IS Process and Mapping
  • Putting the action plan into operation
  • Achieving tangible change and improvements
  • Ensuring that any unforeseen conflicts that might arise during this stage are resolved
  • Ensuring that new infrastructure, new institutions and new resources are sustainable in every aspect

SaaS Based Features

Feature Name Feature Description Cloud On Premise
E-filling E-filing of return software will provide various return forms that are form no. GSTR-1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 7, 7A, 8,9,10, 11. With Multi GSP Optionall with Digital Signature
TAX, Validation & ITC (Match & Mismatch ) Automatically calculate your Tax liability which you can directly adjust from Input Tax credit. Place & Time of Supply of Goods and Services TCS Determination & Automated Return Smart Data Validation to avoid re-works
Sales & Invoice Facility Facility to provide basic sales system for the start-up and small business sectors who do not maintain any standard automated system. This system helps to generate invoice as per GST standard. Sales & Purchase Register Credit & Debit Note & Advance Register
Bulk Import & Export Facility to upload using excel,CSV,XML format or table data from database or other form in bulk to our solution Automate Data Imports from Popular Sales Systems
Report & Analytics Extensive reporting and Comprhensive Analytics of the Sales and ITC so that the oraganzation can take control of the Cash flow / Ledger Dashboard for easy Management Report
Alerts & Notification Send notifications to respective users, business head,suppliers, purchasers about the status of e-file return and any other important communication or actions. whether it is pending and what is the reason of pendency.
Aproval Workflow Reconcilliation -- Match and Mismatch Display Multi Level Approval / Rejaction workflow process from Accountant , CA and Finance Head Tracking & Amendments
e-Payment Make e-Payment of Challan, different liabilities like penalty, interest & taxation. For e-Payment our software will provide certain forms such as form no. PMT-1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7. Also, USe secure payment gateway for paying online.
General High Security with SSL , Roled Based Access System Compliance Software & Multi Tenant , User Access Audit & Backup